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Martial Arts Extras - Stunt Performers .

Martial Arts 4 films offer casting opportunities and Stunt team hire for big budget and low budget feature films,short films,commercials,photoshoots,music videos, tv and more for all types of Martial artists.
We also offer a complete filming and editing service for your sporting event 

We look for, Athletic Types? Weapons Experts? Stunt Performers? Acrobats/Gymnasts? Experienced Fighters? Choreographers? from all backgrounds adults and children.

If your a martial artist looking to use your skill in movies or tv and would like to join us call Jay Kirk on 07925 987 543 for further details or email to selfdefencepro@yahoo.co.uk

Martialarts4films was formed by Jay Kirk.After teaching for many years he fell into the filming industry giving advice on stage fighting on film sets,after appearing in films and music videos he decided to put together a casting agency for martial artists offering some of the best stuntmen and women and martial artists from all backgrounds.offering them back to the filming industry,all our cast members are professional and take pride on what they offer and cover both the UK and Europe.








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